The inception of AIBG was initiated by Dr Harub Al Kharusi in 1977, in form of Harub Dental Surgery the first private dental Clinic in Oman. Dr Harub Al Kharusi was also the first Omani Dental surgeon to start his private practice in Oman.

In 1994 Dr. Harub’s passion for improving the healthcare infrastructure in Oman has seen him as a co-promoter of the first private Hospital in Oman. Dr Harub and his organizations have been passionately involved in providing the best of healthcare services to the people of Oman through his hard work and dedication for more than 3 decades.

He is also actively involved in various healthcare business and social forums of Oman.

Over the years, AIBG has expanded to include multi disciplinary clinics, corporate well being consulting and other spheres of healthcare services to encompass an array of healthcare related businesses. “FRONTIERMEDEX Muscat”, the latest extension to our group of companies was launched in 2014, to deliver world class medical services at remote location to Oil & Gas companies operating in Oman.


Harub Dental Surgery

Harub Dental Surgery is the first private practice in Oman. It was established in 1977. We highly esteem ourselves in providing the highest quality of service, equipment, technology and an accumulative of over a hundred years worth of experience. HDS is the largest dental practice in Oman accommodating 8 dental units utilizing the most advance technology in the Middle East and rivaling any top class surgeries in the world. Each surgery respectively accounts for the vast specialties we ensue.


Al Harub Medical Centre

Al-Harub Medical Centre (AHMC) is one of the leading healthcare facilities specialized in offering alternative and mainstream medicinal services in Oman. We are a centrally located Muscat-based healthcare practice providing mental health, educational, chiropractic, physical integrated therapy and dental services under one roof. We have highly qualified professionals from around the world providing their expertise in their respective areas. We provide services in the following areas:

  • Physical Integrated Therapy
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Psychiatric, Psychological, Educational and Developmental services
  • Dental Services

Corporate Wellbeing Oman

CWO assists in empowering individuals and organizations with skills and abilities to boost exponential growth in individual careers or the organization. CWO strives to be the hub of resources that promote wellbeing of individuals and employees and healthy work Culture within organization in Oman.


  • To provide services for individuals ranging from students, graduates, trainees, Job seekers, career change seekers, Retirees to Pensioners.
  • To serve organizations and HR personnel in terms of Employee Value Proposition Models, Employee Satisfaction Programmes and other HR support
  • To use a wide range of tools and resources for organizational and personal development

AIBG Medical Supplies

AIBG-Medical Supplies aims to contribute to the growth and development of healthcare services in Oman through our commitment to provide world class products & services to both government and private healthcare institutions.

One of our primary focuses is to provide equipments and products, which will not only have direct impact on improving the health of patients but also improve their quality of life.

We endeavor to follow all the relevant medical ethics and put the safety of the patient as the prime objective while conducting all our business related activities.

We strive to serve the people with care and concern.



FRONTIERMEDEX Muscat is a subsidiary of FRONTIERMEDEX LTD. It unites a global leader in design and delivery of medical solutions with AIBG to deliver health care solutions to remote locations at Oil & Gas fields in Oman. We deliver:

  • Routine Medical Care
  • 24/7 Emergency medical care
  • Pharmaceuticals, equipment & consumables
  • International Evacuations
  • Medical Training
  • Dental Services
  • Preventive health & Hygiene measures
  • Occupational Health solutions
  • Drivers Training

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